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The Durian Tourist’s Guide to Thailand

Many people think there are only one or two kinds of durian in Thailand. This is simply not true! Thailand has over 200 durian varieties that come in many colors, flavors and textures, from crispy vanilla-sweet to chocolate-frosting smooth.

This book will guide you to some of the more rare durians and unique travel encounters. Your hunt for the sweet, smelly fruit may bring you surprising adventures and help you bond with local people and farmers over the stinkiest, silliest, deliciousest fruit of them all.

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This book is designed for the fruit geeks and durian fiends of the world who want to get off the beaten track, connect with local Thai people and experience the widest range of durians and durian flavors available in Thailand.

Few people know that the durians loved and grown in Malaysia and the Philippines were first grown in Thailand.

Thailand now grows the most durian of anywhere in the world, nearly 1 million tons every year. Most is just one variety, Monthong, which is the one most people are familiar with when they come to Thailand and is the reason people say that Thai durian is boring.

But if you know where and when to go, you can experience as vast a diversity of durian flavors as in Malaysia or the Philippines or other durian-loving countries. Some gardens still have trees that are over 100 years old!!

 “I consider myself an expert of durian knowledge after cycling around Thailand every winter for the last 9 years. I learned a lot from this durian guide and sure wished I had it all those years ago. It would have saved me incredible time and effort. I have bookmarked a few pages and will go visit the places I did not know even had durian culture in Thailand. If you are a durian lover, you MUST get this guide for sure.” — Harley “Durianrider”

Small farmers in Thailand have been working to preserve both an organic way of life and the diversity of their durians, saving the durians their grandparents ate and loved from extinction.

Durian was and still is a traditional part of life, and there are many ways to cook and prepare it.

Become A Connoisseur of Thailand’s Durians

  • Learn about both popular and obscure durian varieties
  • Identify durians by sight at markets
  • Master selecting the best durian
  • Learn Thai words to talk about durian
  • Receive insider tips on avoiding bad durians
  • Find out which pesticides and chemicals are used on durian
  • Eat traditional durian cuisine and get recommendations for restaurants
  • Discover cultural insights to give you a richer, more rewarding travel and eating experience

Connect with unique farms and fascinating people

  • Interactive Google maps give you precise directions to fruit markets, farms, and orchard homestays.
  • Listings of contact information for durian farms, fruit guides,
  • Find Durian Festivals to explore local culture, dance, and of course some delicious D
  • Travel information for how to get there and where to stay
  • tips to help you navigate the back roads of Thailand
  • Advice on sourcing durian no matter when and where you travel in Thailand
  • Give back to communities and the environment through travel

Two of us traveled through Thailand for 30-days armed with nothing more than this book, (no Lonely Planet or Rough Guides) and a willingness to learn about the King of Fruits and its Kingdom. Lindsay’s guide is invaluable; it’s not just a tourist guide, but a wealth of information about the best kept secrets of the fruit underground that could only be known by someone who has spent loads of time in Southeast Asia. This guide will put you exactly where you want to be, and fast — Rachel and Patrick


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Sisaket Durian Festival

Love to learn? Love durian? Love Thailand? If you answered yes to any of these or all three then The Durian Tourist’s Guide to Thailand is a must read. More than a travel guide, author Lindsay Gasik incorporates, a wealth of first hand experience, well research botanical knowledge and an obvious love of durian into this engrossing guide. I better keep this review short and go book some tickets! –Ken Love, Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers
I love love love this book, as a certified Durian Lover I know it will only help me and others grow in sweet creamy delicious Love! For Years I have heard of the bountiful Fruit and especially the top class Durian that Thailand offers… I have dreamed and planned many an adventure in my mind, this book right here has solidified it, I am going and will follow the path of the Magical Durian as long as I can each time I visit! Thank you Lindsay for creating such a Guide, for sure a blessing to us all! 🙂  — Chris Kendall, The Raw Advantage

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If, after you’ve read the book, you’re not happy with your purchase or it’s not what you were expecting, just let me know, and I’ll give you a full refund with no questions asked.

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Start Planning Your Durian Trip

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never tasted a durian before, and I’m going to Thailand. Should I get this book?
YES! You are exactly the person I was hoping would wander across my zany travel guide. This book will greatly increase your chances of finding and enjoying a good durian in Thailand. There are many different kinds of durians, and I am almost certain there is one out there that you will love. Following durian will at least take you on a different kind of adventure than anyone else you know. To get started, read How to Love Durian On Your First Bite.

I don’t like durian. Should I get this book?
I think you may not be being honest with yourself about your durian infatuation — otherwise, why did you read to the bottom of this page?  So yes, get my book, and maybe it will help you change your mind about or come to terms with the stinky thing your heart desires.

Do you have a physical, paper or hardback copy of this book available?
No, this book is available only in a digital format, either as a reflowable ePub that will conform to the screen size of your phone, Kindle, Nook, Tablet, or computer or as a PDF. You will receive both file types in a .zip file upon purchase.

 Being an eBook means it has some cool features like:

  • Full color maps that are linked to interactive Google maps to give you more precise directions to hard to find farms and markets
  • Embedded links to recommended websites and blog posts
  • Bookmarks effortlessly jump to key pages

How will I get this book?

As soon as you submit your payment through the secure Paypal screen, you’ll be emailed a download link that you can click to open the file. If you don’t receive the email or have any trouble at all with the download, please email me at


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