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  1. Huai Bin says

    This used to be my favorite durian stall in the SS2 area! Pahang Durian was the place where I ate the red flesh (really red, like lipstick red) hybrid (supposed to be a cross between a D24 and the Sarawak durian hutan).

    We were actually there to eat some other durians, but I started talking to the workers (still recognize one of them – but never seen the owners in 2012) and they were really friendly and honest, I had the exact opposite experience of the person above.

    I think I got 3 durians, shared with another fellow durian enthusiast and ended up sampling a lot more, including that red hybrid, which he gave us after he found out I was from Sarawak (he said it's a Sarawak jungle durian coupled with D24).

    They're quite generous with their regulars too, they'll offer you samples and keep rare durians for you. Their prices are also cheaper than the others in the area. I haven't been back in a long time though coz I moved to Kota Damansara near Shah Alam (which makes SS2 rather far for me, it used to be just 10-15 min away).

    I liked D78 too, had one the week prior from the SS6 stall (which is a lot nearer to me than SS2 nowadays) – that has great service too, didn't have time to go, not sure if you've been or not – we can go next year. They also kept a Sun Sin Zhong (Angel Durian) for me and didn't want to accept my money coz it was split at the bottom, just gave it to me. Nice couple of guys, very patient too, will explain durians and prepare them nicely for photography (at least they try their best but it's not up to the Penang or Singapore standard, those durian sellers really can make an open durian look good all stacked up).

  2. Anonymous says

    Guys, please do not go to this stall! There are other stalls nearby! This stall will give you bad durian if you don't really know durian. We got ripped off, we had to pay 200 for so so durian!!!!!

    • Lindsay Gasik says

      I'm really glad that you shared your experience – you definitely need to make your needs and expectations known to all durian sellers or you might have an unsatisfactory meal. 200 is a lot of durian – you didn't reject any of it?

  3. Kailey Paige says

    Ah great article guys! I will be in KP in July and am a fellow durian addict as well!! 🙂 So excited! Did u speak English or Malasyian with the locals? How was their English?

    • Lindsay Gasik says

      Thanks for the comment, Kailey! I don't speak Malayu well enough to interview anyone, luckily almost everyone spoke English! Very impressive really – I wish I'd grown up with their language skills!

    • Nico says

      Awesome Lindsay. I love reading/ salivating over your posts!

      You really portray the experiences through your writing so well

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