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Thanks Chatri!

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Suan La Ong Fah is at 111/2 M.8 Tambon Kaopra in Nakhon Nayok. Chatri doesn’t speak English, so I always call Natto to get in touch with him. Her number is +66 0851083800 or email at [email protected]


  1. Florence says

    Beside durian fruit any other fruit to see?
    if come on 13may any fruits to see, is it the season?

    Thank you.

  2. ratana says

    are you open for visit between February 17 – February 23 ?
    what kind of fruits do we have now in this perido of the year?
    Thank you

    Best Regards

  3. Léa says

    Hi! I'm French and I'm planning to go to Thailand in August-September. Will there be durians to taste at this time of the year? Thanks in advance.

    • Lindsay Gasik says

      Hi Lea, there won't be any durian at this farm in August or September, but you can still find durian growing either up in the northern regions or in the south (just not around Bangkok). Should be perfect if you want to visit Koh Phangan or Koh Samui 🙂

  4. Anonymous says

    Visited Chakri last week bought two Durian trees from him.To early for fruit but as I stay less than 50kms from him will visit again,

  5. Johnny Kay says

    Hi Lindsay, Love your site.
    I grow durian here in far north Queensland and like you love durian, I would love to get a chance to visit Suan La-Ong Fah Farm and see how they grow there durians organically,would you be able to provide me with a address for the farm, I will be in Thailand mid May. Cheers John

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