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  1. Nishat (Nick) Shivji says

    Yes, Durban trees grow in Florida. Duryan trees are in coconut Grove botanical gardens. Just south of Miami.

  2. Danny says

    Hi I have Durian seedlings for sale I live in Orlando Fl I dont know all the ones I planted I have one that is red Durian and a few others I have two black thorns that are two feet tall them I will not sell very hard to grow

  3. Joseph Kannesan says

    Durian is a very delicious fruit. It grows luxuriously in the tropics. It needs long sunshine hours and water due to transpiration.
    There are hybrids which can yield in 3 to 4 years. Example; Musang King and Black Thorn are most popular among Chinese in China.
    In Malaysia everybody loves the above variety. D24 is another variety well liked by Asians.
    The food value is enormous. It can be eaten as a substitute for other food.
    It is cost intensive to cultivate and grow with least pest and disease attacks .
    Fruit is sold in many forms and is expensive comparatively due to demand and supply.
    It is a good agribusiness for consideration.

  4. Hentry Singam says

    That is a great site. I do have a few questions on durians –
    a. where can I get fresh durians in N. California area
    b. Where can I get Durian seedlings or trees
    c. how long does it take to bear fruits from seedlings ?
    d. Is there a durian society in US ?

    • Lindsay says

      Hi Henry,
      a. We sell frozen durians on this site by mail order. For fresh I think it’s sometimes available at 99 Ranch and other local Asian shops. Check with your nearest grocer to see if they’ll have some in stock
      2. The closest option is Hawaii
      3. Around 8-12 years by seedling
      4. I’m not aware of any Durian Society in USA, but if you find one sign me up!

  5. Ershad Alkassim says

    In zanzibar island we do have many kinds of durian fruits(doriani), many of these fruits are from old durian trees which are 100 to 250 years old, but now people are planting more, our trees takes up to 25 years to start holding fruits but some plant hybrid or crafted ones which they fruit from 8 years, i my self have experienced different kind and taste from our island and you cant believe how many types we have. I have 3 tree which are having fruits, 1 is 200 years old and another 80years and another about 25 years, i have also like 10 newones that some i planted 4years ago and hopefully they will grow for more than 200 years to come

  6. Jane Lee says

    Durian fruits Trees,South Florida but it’s suitable to grown in south Florida?

    lf you have it ready let me know. Thanks

  7. Pat Kim says

    The first photo is not a durian. This looks like a palm tree, straight single trunk. Durians have multiple branches where flowers and fruits developed.

  8. wanda white says

    The durian trees in the greenhouse need to be pollinated manually, if fruits are wanted, since their natural pollinators are the fruit bats.

  9. Cheong chan says

    Can anyone tell me where I can order Fresh Durian in Florida and shipped to my home in Swainsboro Ga 30401

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