1. J.H. says

    You cite wikipedia as your reference? I almost liked your article but the wikipedia thing totally kills it. Get better sources, there are plenty of them. Wikipedia makes people look dumb, not smart.

    • [email protected] says

      lol, I think Wikipedia is a great place to get started when you’re not familiar with the subject. Sure, you can’t make citations from it (and I didn’t, scroll to the bottom for my citations to real journal studies), but man I love Wikipedia 😀

  2. Pie CatLady says

    Etymologies! You answered my question about "anthocyanidin" and "cyanide." Informative and entertaining. "Combo-bombo" !?! Sounds like something I would say about my husband and me. Did you make that up? Or is it a new piece of slanguage I've not heard before? I'll look that up…and start sayin' it, too. Also look up Durian. Never heard of it either.

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