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  1. Richard Wolter says

    Dear Lindsay, as a 'farang' durian lover, I say well done. Unfortunately I missed you when you stayed in Lap Lea. Julian, your translator had contacted me, telling me about your project. Today I found your text saying that you plan to write a book. If you are interested to know more about Lap Lae, 'the disapeared', which refers to and ancient, mystical hamlet of women, I shall be happy to supply you with the short story, based on hear say of elders, I wrote. By the way; if you find the old gate on the premises of a secret temple, which leads to the mystical hamlet, you can open it and walk into the huge garden that is part of the hamlet.
    (But beware, if you walk through it will close behind you and you might not be able to return…)And, maybe you do not know that the sign on the town's entry gate of Lap Lae says: Everone who speaks a lie in our village, will be punished

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