1. Jv says

    The new trend of Durian today with the latest varieties namely red prawn, black thorn and musang king I’m excited to taste them all😊

  2. Rey Abad says

    Dear P. Gil,
    Bearing UPLB Gold trees are found at ALCON Farm, Km 21, Los Amigos, Tugbok, Davao City.
    seedlings are alsao available.

  3. Ben Lasalle says

    Tried Arancillo today for the first time, its really nice with perfect amount of bitterness for my liking,, not too sweet and amazing texture. I got a couple Kob's today but some of the pods had some kind of rot.

  4. Yih Shian says

    Dear Lindsay,

    Could I use your picture of the thornless durians for a presentation? You are the only person with pictures of it. I will credit your website in the slides.

    Thank you!

    • Lindsay Gasik says

      Hi Yih Shian, I don't mind you using the photo, but it is not mine. I'm actually not sure whose it is or where I found it, now that I think of it. I really should look it up and give proper credit. Thanks for reminding me!

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