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The Durian Tourist's Guide To Thailand 

Dreaming of durian?
Hungry for adventure?

Whether you want to take a trek through the jungle, hang out with elephants, chill on a beach, or just relax and enjoy the exotic atmosphere, we'll make sure you've always got some durian by your side. 

In this book we share everything we know about being a durian fiend on the loose in Thailand.

It's designed for the eco-conscious adventurer who wants to get off the beaten track, connect with local Thai people and learn about sustainable horticultural practices, all while eating the best durian Thailand has to offer.

"In fact, to eat Durians is a new sensation worth a voyage to the East to experience"  - Alfred Russel Wallace
What You'll Learn 

  • Learn to identify Thai durian varieties by sight
  • Master selecting the best durian
  • Learn Thai words to talk about durian
  • Receive insider tips on avoiding bad durians
  • Find out which pesticides and chemicals are used on durian
  • Travel tips to help you navigate the back roads of Thailand
  • Discover cultural insights to give you a richer, ore rewarding travel and eating experience
  • Advice on sourcing durian no matter when and where you travel in Thailand
  • Find out more about being an environmentally conscious traveller
  •  PLUS  Interactive Google maps so you can get precise directions to fruit markets, farms, and orchard homestays.
    Get a sneak peak of this 237 page travel guide by clicking this link.

    Travel Different
    You're traveling because you want to experience something different than the humdrum of home, right?

    Maybe you want to relax and indulge in your favorite food (durian), or you want to really connect with and experience a Thailand away from the crowded beaches and bars, massage parlors and tourist souvenir shops.

    Everything about durian is different. If you follow it's siren call, you'll end up in some pretty unique places and having some amazing experiences. 

    Durian typically grows in areas less frequently visited by Western tourists, where you can still have an authentic cultural experience. By visiting orchards and festivals, you'll have an excuse to get out of your comfort zone and travel like a local.

    Delicious D
    Of course, personal growth and world exploration aside, the real reason you're going to Thailand is because you can't get enough of that creamy, sweet and utterly addicting durian.
    Maybe you've only experienced frozen durian from the Asian grocer and you want to taste the real deal. Or maybe you're already a raging fanatic who wants to know where and how to get the best.
    I've created this book to share everything Rob and I have learned in the past two and a half years of obsessive durian hunting so that you know how to get the highest quality, most delicious durian in Thailand and fall in love with the fruit and the country just as much as we have.

    What do others think?
    Love to learn? Love durian? Love Thailand? If you answered yes to any of these or all three then The Durian Tourist's Guide to Thailand is a must read. More than a travel guide, author Lindsay Gasik incorporates, a wealth of first hand experience, well research botanical knowledge and an obvious love of durian into this engrossing guide. I better keep this review short and go book some tickets!
    - Ken Love, Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers
    I love love love this book, as a certified Durian Lover I know it will only help me and others grow in sweet creamy delicious Love!
    For Years I have heard of the bountiful Fruit and especially the top class Durian that Thailand offers.. I have dreamed and planned many a adventure in my mind, this book right here has solidified it, I am Going and will Follow the Path of the Magical Durian as long as I can each time I visit!
    Thank you Lindsay for creating such a Guide, for sure a blessing to us all! :) 
    - Chris Kendall, The Raw Advantage
    "I consider myself an expert of durian knowledge after cycling around Thailand every winter for the last 9 years. I learned a lot from this durian guide and sure wished I had it all those years ago. It would have saved me incredible time and effort. I have book marked a few pages and will go visit the places I did not know even had durian culture in Thailand. If you are a durian lover, you MUST get this guide for sure."
    - Harley aka Durianrider,  July 2014 Chang Mai
    How Much Does It Cost?
    The entire Durian Tourist's Guide to Thailand can be yours instantly for $18 USD.
    What's an E-book?
    The Durian Tourist's Guide to Thailand is available in a reflowable e-Book format (ePub, mobi or PDF) meaning you can read it on your phone, iPad, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, or even your computer. 

    This means that the book will be instantly delivered to your inbox the moment you click "Get it Now!"

     It also means it has some cool features like:
    • Full color maps that are linked to interactive Google maps to give you more precise directions to hard to find farms and markets
    • Embedded links to recommended websites
    • Bookmarks to effortlessly shoot back to key pages  

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    1. Got myself a copy and looking forward to reading it! Thanks for the hard work and dedication to share your findings.

    2. Got a copy. Looking forward to use it. Durian, here I come. Thank you, Lindsay and Robert for putting this book together this book.

    3. Mads and MichaelJune 7, 2014 at 8:09 AM

      Finally got the book! It really is an amazing piece of work. Hands down the best durian guide anyone can ask for! Thanks!

    4. will you ever translate this book to Hebrew?

    5. Ah love the good old Durian brings back lots of memories too! I'm English and I love them - but my Thai girlfriend hates them! She says the smell is a love and romance killer, her words not mine! By the way does your book come as an ebook format???

      1. Hi Anonymous, thanks for your message! Too bad your gal doesn't like durian! That in itself would be a downer. The book is currently only in eBook format, you can choose between ePub, PDF, or buy it from the Amazon store in Mobi. Hope that answers your question!


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