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This website is dedicated to my crazy addiction to durian, the King of Fruits and a magical, magical product of nature. 

Whether you are already a loyal addict or have just purchased your first durian and don't know what to do with it, you have come to the right place.

Here's a little post to get you started on your own durian journey and help you navigate this website.

What is Year of the Durian?

In 2012, I set out on a 12-month mission to taste every kind of durian out there, a journey that led me through 9 countries in Southeast Asia and thousands of durians.

On this site you will find travel stories and photos as well as informative articles, a recipe index, a festival and events calendar, and pure durian silliness.

To find out why I would do such a wacky thing with my life, you can read more about me here.

These are durian.
Durian is one of the largest tropical fruits. Yes, those thorns are very sharp. And yes, people do die occasionally from having one fall on them (If you don't believe me, read the When Durian Really Does Kill People. This is no laughing matter).

The word durian is derived from the Malaysian word for thorns, durio. It's most outstanding characteristic, however, is the pungent aroma that issues from the fruit once it is ripe. No edible product in the Western World rivals this odor in strength unless it be Blue Cheese, and that is only considered edible by extremely questionably sources.

This is what durian looks like inside
Oh sweet heaven
Within that hard, spiny husk is a custard as smooth as a whipped pudding, sweet as vanilla ice cream, and savory as any garlic bread. It is, in our opinion, one of the best tasting foods on this planet.

Beyond satisfying our sensory needs, the durian embodies the often absurd and unexplained dualities of the world. Superficially disagreeable but lovely on the inside, the fruit is an easy fit into didactic metaphors.  There are many overused sayings about durian like "Smells like hell but tastes like heaven," and "Never judge a durian by it's smell."

Durian is more than just a fruit. It's a life lesson rolled into a gustatory experience.

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