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How to Choose a Ripe Durian   They all look the same! Here are a few subtle tricks to making sure that durian is good and ready before you buy it.

How to Open a Durian  Not sure where to put the knife? Click here.

Seven Ways to Open a Durian Without a Knife  No knife? No worries. Here are a few desperate ideas that actually work for getting to the goodness without injuring yourself in the process.

The Dumb Way Americans Open  Durian  Everybody I know in America who likes durian opens their durian this way. For years I did too. Why???

Durian Fraud: 10 Tricks That May Deceive You Into Buying a Bad Fruit  Durian sellers have a somewhat nasty reputation in Southeast Asia, rather like used car salesmen and lawyers have in America. Here are a few ways you might get bamboozled into buying a literally rotten fruit.

How to Identify Musang King Musang King is the priciest durian on the market, which means there's plenty of fakes going around. Here's how to tell if you're shelling out 50 bucks for the real deal.

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Philippines Durian Varieties

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A Complete List of Durian Species  Did you know there are more than 27 species of durian?

The Inedible Durians  You like durian. Strike that. You love durian. So much that you now care about the durians you can't eat. 

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Durian Obituaries 2012  Beware, durian doesn't only strike from above.

Six Christmas Gifts for Durian Junkies The perfect gift for the durian addict in your family

Durian Fashionistas Why not just eat durian? Wear durian!

The Ultimate Durian Cake Post  The most popular way to cook durian is in a cake. Why???

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