Hi, we're Rob and Lindsay. We're obsessed with durian.

We also like to travel.

In January 2012,  we embarked on a year-long expedition in Southeast Asia hunting the durian, the almighty King of Tropical Fruit. The journey took us through twelve months of nonstop adventure in nine fascinating countries as we found seven species of the fruit and consumed hundreds if not thousands of durian.

You can start from the beginning here.

Our durian trip was only supposed to last 12 months. Two years later, we're still in Asia, still traveling, and still eating durian. It's still pretty awesome.

This blog provides a unique perspective on traveling off the beaten path in Southeast Asia with an awareness of the cultural, political, environmental and just plain weird aspects of eating durian.

We hope that our story simultaneously tickles your sense of humor and curiosity about the bizarre planet we hang out on and inspires you to explore it for yourself.

We've eaten durian in 13 countries.
Here's a list of all the places we've been in the last 2 years.
Sound like fun? It really is.

Plan your own durian vacation by downloading our Traveler's Guide to Durian Season, which will help you figure out when and where to go to catch the best durian.


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Yes, we're kind of weird.

But we're okay with that.
Add an element of geekdom, a scattering of hippie remnants, an interest in health and sustainability and you've summed us up pretty well.

But in case you want some more details, here's our story.

We met on a beautiful fall day in 2007. It was the first day of school at the University of Oregon, and we two nerds both arrived at the library too early. It was still closed. So we sat outside together, chatting, and fell in love.

We married two years later. It was the best vegan wedding ever.

At the end of 2009, the economy crashed and we graduated from college. In a world which suddenly didn't want our bachelor degrees, idealism, or lack of cash register skills, we took off on what is probably the world record for most frugal trip to Europe.

We spent two months living on cheap bikes we picked up at a second hand store, sleeping in the countryside and using supermarket bathrooms to clean up in.  We were homeless American bums. It was great. We must have smelled really bad. Much worse than any durian ever.

That's when we decided to visit the Philippines to taste the mysterious yet fascinating fruit. We stayed three weeks in the Philippines eating durian every day. We were hooked after the first bite, because durian is that amazing.

The first durian. 2010.
When we ran out of money,  we went back to Eugene. The economy was still bad and Lindsay still didn't qualify for jobs utilizing a cash register. Together we worked five jobs and saved up enough to move to Costa Rica and start working there. But Rob was frustrated. "What's the point of living in the tropics if there's no durian?" he complained. 

So the Year of the Durian was hatched. It's all his fault.

It's weird, we know. But that makes it more fun.

We love hearing from other durian freaks about your travels. So please don't hesitate to email us if you have any questions about finding the best durian or traveling on a budget in Southeast Asia.

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