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  1. Alex Aguero says

    Hi Lindsay, Hello from Perth Australia. I have been having durian craving something wicked and came across your blog. Great to see there’s a few more gwailoh that love durians besides my Chilean born Aussie raised husband.

    When is your during tours in 2016?


    • [email protected] says

      Hi Alex,
      Sorry to miss your comment! The dates are May 25-June 3rd in Thailand and July 2-10 in Malaysia. We still have a few openings so if you’d like to come, it would be awesome to have you!
      – Lindsay

  2. Erin Tan says

    Hi Lindsay, I live in KL. Me and my family love durians, we've only had a handful of the ones that you mentioned. I'd like to join you next year definitely. Erin

    • Lindsay Gasik says

      Hi Erin, it would be a thrill to have locals along for the tour! I'm so glad you're interested. Make sure to sign up for my newsletter so you can get the dates and info for next year. Hope to see you then!

  3. donald yap says

    Lindsay, i didn't receive this 2015 Tour blog, forwarded to me by Steve in Guatemala.
    .looks interesting….got Musang King in West Malaysia too?
    last Sept. i bought a box of MK mooncakes in KK, at 50% OFF Clearance.
    i know how to shop!
    durio don
    aiea, HI

  4. Aloysius says

    From Singapore here! I would love to join! Only be able to make it in mid-June though… That's if my honeymoon plans don't fall then too 🙂

  5. Anonymous says

    Hi Lindsay, I love to go on one of these durian adventure tours with you but I am afriad I may not like durians as much as I think I do. I plan to try the other Bao Sheng tour next year and see how much I like than do this one the year after. what do you think?? Fred

    • Lindsay Gasik says

      Hi Fred, it would be lovely to have you for either trip. I think it depends on what kind of experience you are looking for – the Bao Sheng Fest focuses more on health and well-being and is located in one place, while this tour was more a celebration of Malaysia and its durians that traveled all over the country.

      Why do you doubt your durian love?

    • Anonymous says

      Well, I live in Orange County, California, USA, We only have frozen Monthong here. Ocasonally the stores have so called fresh ones but I am not sure… I just like to try the other verieties and see which ones I like the most…

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