Durian Gourmet Food Festival in Phuket, Thailand

If you've taken a look at the Durian Recipes page of this blog, you might have noticed that while there are tons of durian desserts, the entree section is a little lacking. It's not just because I've been bouncing around so much I haven't had the time to organize and put up recipes (true). The world of durian cuisine is just a little lacking.in savory durian dishes, something I may never understand. After all, durian is one of the few fruits out there regularly compared with caremalized onions sauteed in sherry and gently roasted garlic. It seems to me like durian would compliment lots of familiar dishes, like casseroles or anything with cheese.

That's why I'm so pleased to announce that the durian-crazed chefs at DiVine Restaurant in Phuket, Thailand, will be offering a multi-course gourmet durian buffet for one week starting TOMORROW (May 25). They're offering a 10% discount to anyone who mentions "Year of the Durian" at the front door. Scroll down to see the full menu and some beautiful food shots sent to me by the creative chefs, changing the world of fruit cuisine one durian samosa at a time.

Pan Fried Sardine Stuffed with Durian and Pineapple. Photo published with permission.

Last year, Rob and I missed DiVine's Durian Festival, but we still went there to interview Chef Moo, the creative brain behind the menu (See Fine Durian Dining). I was fascinated to discover that he uses two different varieties of durian, Monthong and Chanee, to create different dominating flavors.

DiVine is already something of an anomaly, even without all the durian. The restaurant uses predominantly organic produce from it's affiliated garden, located just north of Phuket. It serves mostly health-freak Westerners (falangs) who are members of the adjoining sports club.

Durian Goji Berry Soup. Photo published with permission.

Westerners aren't exactly known as being huge fans of durian. It's pretty ambitious of DiVine to host an event like this, especially when last year DiVine resturant manager said only 20% of the restaurant's regular customers were even willing to look at the buffet. I'm impressed both with the novelty of the event and the restaurant's willingness to go out on a limb for durian.

That said, they haven't figured out the vegetarian thing yet, much less raw, gluten-free vegan. It's just as well I can't make it this year, because since I follow a pretty adamant raw vegan diet I wouldn't be able to review very many of the dishes! I'd have to hire a taste-tester, like Rob and I did when we reviewed the Durian Menu in Davao City, Philippines. Although I would, love, love, LOVE to taste the Durian Vinaigrette salad. That sounds amazing.

If you do decide to go, please take pictures and email your review to durianyear@gmail.com. I will publish all comments and reviews (if any) by June 2nd. Thanks!

The durian menu will be offered from May 25-31st.  Here it is:


Chicken with Durian risotto. Photo published with permission.
Starters and Salad Corner Station
  • Tomato, rocket bruschetta with DURIAN, coriander dip
  • Chili shrimps tacos with DURIAN guacamole
  • Vegetables tempura DURIAN scented with sweet chili sauce
  • DURIAN samosa with papaya chutney
  • Tuna tartar with DURIAN, roasted capsicum and coriander salsa
  • Prawn teriyaki and mushroom salad with wasabi DURIAN dressing
  • Combination Thai salad with DURIAN, chicken, sausage and vegetables
  • Smoked salmon and celery, final with DURIAN yoghurt salad
  • Assorted organic garden salad with condiments and dressing: Cucumber, tomato, butter head, lettuce, onion, capsicum. French, Italian, Thousand Island, DURIAN vinaigrette, red vinegar, olive oil. Green olive, green onion, lemon
  • Braised chicken and goji berry with DURIAN soup

From the chafing dish
(I had to look up "Chafing dish." It's one of those low, silver serving dishes set over a heat source)
  • Pan fried sardine stuffed with DURIAN and pineapple sweet chili sauce
  • Poached butter fish with DURIAN, caper, coriander and chili salsa
  • BBQ marinated chicken tenderloin with DURIAN risotto
  • Grilled beef steak with balsamic DURIAN and onion compote 
  • Stir fried soft shell crab with DURIAN curry powder
  • Roasted duck curry with DURIAN, longan, apple with basil 
  • DURIAN gnocchi with scallops and mushroom, durian scented cream
  • Durian crepe
  • Durian Tarts
  • Durian Ice Cream
  • Durian Cake
  • Durian Crème Brule
  • Durian mousse
  • Durian with sticky rice
  • Durian and tapioca with coconut cream
  • Cut of fresh fruit and popular fresh DURIAN in the season
Durian Tapioca with Coconut Cream

DiVine Restaurant, Thanyapura Sports and Leisure Club
120/1 Moo 7 Thepkasattri Rd., Thalang, Phuket
6:30 am-9:00pm (Monday-Friday)
6:30 am-6:00pm (Saturday-Sunday)

For more information about DiVine Restaurant or their Durian Festival, email dining@thanyapura.com or call Tel: +66 (0) 76 336 000 ext 5070

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  1. damn....wish it was all vegan, i would indulge!
    Vegan yummy durian food...worth a try for sure


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