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Durian fits right in among the strong opinions and often bizarre creations of the fashion world.  It's been adopted by the punks, the goths, the cutsie-Hello-Kitty people (how is that still popular?), and even the high style runway models. At one point, there was even a Tokyo-based fashion magazine called "Durian Magazine," although they don't seem to exist anymore. Here are some of the surprising places you might see durian in fashion choices worldwide.

Durian on the Catwalk

I found this gem by googling "durian fashion."  So I'm definitely not the only one who saw this smock and immediately thought DURIAN!!

Some internet sleuthing revealed that this fashion mistake was seen on the runway of the Agatha Ruiz De La Prada show during Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2009 on March 3, 2009 in Milan, Italy.

It immediately entered the halls of "What Not to Wear" famedom, mocked by fashion blogs like The Fashion Police and Poorly Dressed. But you know, I don't think it's half as bad as those accordion pants the guy who came next is wearing. 

I agree with Tom And Lorenzo, who reviewed the show: "Is this stuff particularly wearable? No, but it’s fun and let’s face it, sometimes the fashion industry really has a stick up its ass, so kudos to her for being so joyous about it." Durian fits right in.

Durian Hair Doo. 

Yoo Youngjae made twitter gossip over the summer when he adopted this so-called "durian-doo."  He's the lead singer of the six-member boy band B.A.P., which seems to be the Korean version of what NSYNC was when I was in grade school.

The hair style has also been likened to a pineapple. I really don't understand that one. Isn't it obviously a durian hair cut? The band admits that five of the six members love durian. To directly quote the B.A.P facebook page: "[FACT] BAP like to eat satay and durian, , but Zelo hate to eat durian."

I guess Zelo won't be sporting a durian hair cut anytime soon. 

Durian Shoes

When I posted these on our Facebook page, I got more than 35 share and 2,000 responses within the first 24 hours. That NEVER happens on our Year of the Durian page. Not that there aren't a lot of you durian fans, but you just aren't usually so excited about what I post.

These shoes are pretty damn exciting. They're actually ballet slippers, made in Salt Lake City, Utah of all places by some guy named Dan Toone for a ballet fundraising event (article here). I'm sure Dan didn't have durian in mind when he made them, although what exactly what else he could have had in mind isn't clear. At any rate, google thinks these look like durian shoes too.

More Durian Shoes

Well, durian odor is said to have some resemblance to feet, right? Not that I'd want to put my feet in these flip-flops, no matter how similar the odor. Maybe if I was a wandering swami, or one of those kids I saw in the Kalimantan jungle trying to open a durian by jumping on it with their bare feet (no joke, I was astonished!). For everyone else, I think this must be a practical joke.

Durian Costume

This durian costume is the artwork of Amy M. Ho, a mystery artist with a very low internet profile who provides even less information about herself on her personal website, www.amymho.com.

Even if I can't say anything about this costume, it's pretty cool and definitely fashionable anytime, anywhere. Durian party? Totally. Halloween? No one will know what you are, but still awesome. Woodstock Fruit Festival? You'll be all the rage!

Even cuter is this mini-me durian costume for dogs and cats:

Durian Pet Costume

For more durian fashion, head over to our Pinterest Page.

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