The Top 10 Durian Blogs

(Besides Ours, Which is Obviously the Best)

Although we like to think we're the folks most obsessed with durian, we're not the only ones. There aren't that many blogs dedicated to durians yet (yet!), but here are 10 sites, in no particular order, that may tickle your durian curiosities and entertain your obsession.

1. Durianon This may be the first site ever dedicated to pure durian adoration. It's old school for sure, using an internet format that will probably bring you back to the late '90's, although I'm not old enough to remember that long ago. The site is a messy conglomeration of general durian worship, but if you can sift through the weirdness and Chinese characters there's a lot of really good information about durian varieties, durian seasons, durian places, durian people, and even some links to durian studies.

2. Dedicated to Durians  This is the best reference blog for durian fans visiting Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, or Singapore and  for those who just have durian on the brain. It was an important resource for me when we started our durian journey, and I still keep tabs on her durian adventures. It's written by Sone, a young professional who finds durian everywhere! She seems to travel quite frequently for work, and is sure to let you know where you can get your durian fix. She's even put up maps to help other durian freaks navigate the streets of  Singapore durian and Kuala Lumpur. Very cool!

3. ieatishootipost
Singapore's number one food blogger Leslie Tay claims just to be a food freak, but with over 30 posts about durian, I think he ranks among the durian freaks too. We met up with Mr. Tay at 818 Durian in Singapore, where he explained his goal to photograph and document every durian variety in order encourage Singaporeans to expand their durian palate beyond Musang King and D24. In addition to displaying some tasty durian porn photography, ieatishootipost is a great resource on durian vendors in and around Singapore. And if you're lucky, you can meet Mr. Tay at one of his famous durian degustations, a smorgasbord of rare durian varieties that he puts on twice a year.

4. Hunger Hunger
Teri didn't mean to create a durian blog, but I think when you live in Borneo and write about food, it's hard not to. Teri's blog has by far the biggest collection of durian recipes I've found

Another relic of the internet in times gone by, is still worth the time to look. Lionel Bauer is a staunch durian fan who has taken the time to write some general information in both English and German. He also sells durian seeds.

6 .Durian Info
This site is priceless. Written by a retired agriculturist in Malaysia, Durian Info provides all the information that us regular joes and josephinas either don't understand or can't get our pretty little hands on: pruning and grafting techniques, pests and diseases, in depth description of every single Malaysian durian clone, and research maps of durian seasons from the agricultural department.

7. Durianlicious A Singaporean durian blogger who writes about durian varieties, durian horticulture and random durian trivia. Best of all: a running update on the status of the durian season in Malaysia and Singapore. Awesome!

 8. Above Average: Durian Links and Information.
This blog seems to have been abandoned in 2008. But it is all about durian. As stated in it's title, it's a hodgepodge of links to useful durian posts, pictures, and videos of people eating durian.

9. Raub Durian Orchard To see pictures of delicious durian, and people eating durian and generally having a good durian time, visit Eddie Yong's blog. People come from all over the world to visit Raub Durian Orchard, and Mr. Yong posts photos of every one of his durian tours. There's not much information, but it's fun to look at if you have a lull in your other durian media. If you visit Mr. Yong and enjoy some of his scrumptious durians, you too can join the ranks of Raub Durian Orchard visitors, like Rob and I did when we visited in July, 2012 and again in December, 2012.

10.  Durian Unggal
Unfortunately you need to use google translator to read this site because it's written in Bahasa Indonesian.  But hey, who really expects English when following Asian bloggers blogging about an Asian fruit? The blog of a durian research center in Java, and is the best site for keeping up to date with durian events and goings on in Indonesia. Occasionally they post interesting photos of a rare Indonesian durian, like the Rainbow durian.

Bonus: Political Durian Blogs Maybe because the durian is such a controversial topic in itself, there are a lot of political websites that name themselves after durian. These sites aren't about durian per se, but they use the durian's sometimes stinky reputation to explain their own philosophy that good things (such as freedom of speech) are sometimes difficult to deal with.

  • The Durian Post - a newsblog covering the island of Mindanao, Philippines
  • The Durian : an intelligent opinion blog about current events in Asia written by a professor of comparative politics at the University of Louisville. Usually fascinating.

Know of any other informative, must-see durian sites? Please share below!

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