Recipe: Durian-Persimmon Salad

Are you flabbergasted by the title? Me too. I have no idea how Evan Rock got it in his head to blend durians and persimmons and pour the combination over salad greens, but it's fantastic. The persimmon blends with the durian just perfectly, adding a cinnamon zest and a beautiful orange hue to a creamy, onion-y sweet salad dressing.

Evan is the man behind Fruitluck LA, a fruit-lovers and health enthusiast's meet-up group in the Los Angeles area. The group now meets almost weekly for a fruity potluck. Evan also has a YouTube channel, FruitZen, where he shares his passion for health and a raw food lifestyle. This recipe is hopefully just one of many to come.

I've always found the idea of a durian salad dressing appealing, as durian has a savory, garlic and onions element. It's so creamy, it seems like it must have potential for some kind of sauce - but what? I never would have thought to combine it with persimmons and dump it on salad greens! I liked it so much, I'm having it for dinner tonight. Thanks for the recipe Evan!

Rockin' Durian-Persimmon Salad
Recipe courtesy of Evan Rock

  • Equal Parts durian and persimmon
  • Salad greens of choice

1. Blend durian and persimmon with enough water to make a creamy dressing.
2. Pour over a bowl of tender greens.



  1. Glad you enjoyed it Lindsay! Durian also blends great with mango, papaya, jackfruit, or just alone. People should not be afraid to get creative by adding durian in their sweet fruit salad dressings. Sweet salads are the ebst way to enjoy lots of greens on the high carb low fat raw vegan diet.

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