To school

On our way back from the durian farm, Friska asked if I would visit her afternoon class in another village, 20 minutes away by bus. I agreed immediately and even roped Rob into the deal.

Sidikalang- City of durian?

In Medan we asked every durian hawker we came across “Where are these durians from?” Without fail they replied, “Sidikalang!” A man explained to me that in villages like Sidikalang everyone has a durian tree. There are durian trees all along the roadsides and many people sell durian in their front yards.  It sounded picturesque and relaxing. So after our somewhat disappointing trip to Bukit Lawang, we decided to get down to business and head to the source.

Bukit Lawang: How Can I get Your Money?

The palm oil man we met at Ucok’s durian stand suggested that durian was in season in Bukit Lawang. I read on the tourist map that it is near the Leuser Gunung National Park, and is the place to go to see orangutans and do some jungle trekking.

Orangutans AND durian? Yes please!

Medan, Indonesia: Down the Rabbit Hole We Go!

Kicking off our glorious Year of the Durian in Indonesia has been perfect. Not in the sense that it is has been paradisaical, but rather that, like our beloved durian, the experience has been both rough and sweet. When I walked out of the Medan airport I missed Kuala Lumpur immediately. Although it is tropical, the city gives the impression of a desert. Of course it is hot as hell, but the desert is in the details: a blanket of dust at the curb, brown and grey buildings, and few signs of life.