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  1. Were they smoking on that bus??? This was my biggest issue throughout Indonesia… cigarette smoking everywhere… the 22 hour bus ride with it's dozen+ smokers, from Medan to Bukittinggi (Sumatera), almost broke me. I swore to never do it again.

    • Yes, there were some chain smokers on the bus. I was not pleased. But that's the way it seems to go in Indonesia. People with bad cases of asthma are best off just avoiding public transportation.

  2. I used to do research in the village of Meliau in West Kalimantan. I must say that the durian from the villages is nothing compared to what you can find in the city. It is fresh, sweet and extremely delicious. Well done in trekking out all the way to Pontianak! I know very few tourists who have done that.

  3. Hey Nate! We passed through Kuching a few weeks ago and didn't find anything particularly interesting durian-wise. Where are you sourcing your durians? Any non-zibethenus? I might be passing through Kuching again in a few days, so any suggestions are greatly valued 🙂

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