Last night in Davao with Robert Lockhart

Three weeks in the Philippines passed like a blur. I really don't know where the time went. When at last it was time to leave, I was kicking and screaming to stay.

The last night, our friend Robert Lockhart arrived from the Woodstock Fruit Festival in New York. We were looking forward to seeing him again. Two years ago, we met Robert in Australia, where he sells coconuts on the weekends alongside of his chiropractic business. A raw foodist for more than 30 years, Robert is 68 years old and still climbs the coconut trees himself!

Robert was a lecturer at the Woodstock Fruit Festival, a gathering of nearly 400 raw foodists. His topic: durian! Before his divorce, Rob owned a 45 acre fruit farm with over 200 durian trees. He was the first Australian durian farmer to export durian, shipping his fruits to Hong Kong.

We're planning to interview Robert about his experiences growing durian in Australia. But for our last night in the Philippines, we were just excited to see him and catch up, swapping durian tales over a table full of durian. He told us that the festival provided 3,000 frozen monthong durians!! Frozen can never compare to the fresh, real deal, so he'd been looking forward to enjoying some Philippine Arancillo.

That night, we polished off nearly 7 durians between the three of us! After our durian smorgasbord, I thought I was ready to say goodbye to Philippine durian. But the next morning, I spotted this wee tiny Arancillo as we were waiting for the bus to the airport. It was only 5:30 AM, but I wanted just one last taste. It was the best durian I've had in the Philippines, and a wonderful way to finish three amazing weeks.


  1. great to see this report with our master Rawbie Raw

  2. i so love to 'spot' that special last durian on the streets of sort of catches my peripheal vision and then i hone in for the kill...what a beaut!


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