Return to Chanthaburi

After ten amazing days in Cambodia, it was time to return to Chanthaburi. We have a tour scheduled at a durian exporting factory, and the World Durian Festival is about to start. Even though I was really excited about the factory tour and the festival, I was sad to leave Cambodia and all its interesting sights, like this truck I spied crossing the border into Thailand.

Rob and I arrived to find the city gearing up for the annual durian festival. In our absence signs had popped up all over the city, announcing the event and accompanying beauty pageant, Miss Durian.

This morning on my run I spotted this beauty - an inflatable durian at least 15 feet tall! This would seriously make the best Christmas yard decoration ever. I'm picturing Santa Claus's sleigh snagged on one of those bristling thorns.

We'll be here in Chanthaburi checking out the festival goings on until it ends on May 13th. In addition to the Miss Durian Pageant, there will be numerous events including durian speed-eating and tasting competitions, durian cooking lessons, and lots of free samples. Rob says he will have a go at the eating competition. He figures he can't lose with free durian!

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  1. dudes.....wahts goin down? whens the speed contest.....Rob or Grant will win....miss you all....i came back to your homeland in Albany now...D


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