First Group Durian Trip | Uttaradit, Thailand

Recently I did something new. Instead of just getting myself and Rob lost in a remote part of Thailand, I took a bunch of other people with me.

Luckily there was plenty of amazing durian, so nobody complained.

Eating Durian In Style at Baiyoke Sky Hotel | Bangkok, Thailand

Rising high above Bangkok's jagged skyline, the Baiyoke Sky Hotel is the tallest building in Thailand. Its swanky 85 stories of polished marble and soothing lighting towers 303 meters (997 feet) above the gritty hubbub of the street below.

It's like a cruise ship in the sky with shopping, odd-themed restaurants, and a great view of Bangkok from the revolving platform on the roof. The Fruit Court, Bangkok's only fruit-centric restaurant, is on the 18th floor.

Since I seem to be on a streak for ritzy fruit, here's how to eat durian in style in Bangkok.

Tasting the Most Expensive Durian in the World | Nonthaburi to Penang, Malaysia

As you might already be aware, taking durians on trains is generally not an okay thing to do in Thailand.

Of course, no one searches your bags like getting on Bangkok's MRT subway system, and there aren't any NO DURIANS signs like at a fancy hotel. But the train is a sealed off, air conditioned tube and I figured if any of the serious, smartly dressed Mr. Conductors got a whiff they weren't likely to be pleased.

But I had a half-ripe $300 durian (that's US dollars) and an expiring Thai visa. How would you handle this dilemma?

Thought so. Me too.

The Most Expensive Durian In The World | Nonthaburi, Thailand

Sometimes we do pretty silly things for durian. If you've been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know that already.

But this one takes the cake. Almost literally.

This time we spent $300 on one durian.


My 3rd Durian Birthday Party Photo Essay| Penang, Malaysia

It happened again. I'm a year older, and somehow I'm still in Southeast Asia eating durian. Life is so weird.

This year we celebrated my birthday at Bao Sheng's Durian Farm for the third year in a row (here's 2012 and 2013). Realizing that makes me feel kind of old. But apparently, getting older means you get to have better parties.

Fifteen durian revelers traveled from all over the world to join in a day of feasting on some of the best durian in the world. It was so much fun, a group of us decided to stay the week in the two small Bali-style huts set in the quiet of the durian forest. Except for the falling durians, which are loud.

Best. Birthday. Ever.

Scroll down for an eye feast of durian deliciousness.

Durian Cheesecake Recipe, Book Review and Giveaway

Whenever I hang out with durian lovers, we spend a lot of time trying to describe what each durian tastes like. Sometimes it's a lightly burnt marshmallow rolled in melted chocolate. Or a dense pastry stuffed with vanilla cream. Or sometimes it's a creamy and vinegar Caesar dressing.

With such a diverse and complex range of flavors, how is durian not already a staple of the gourmet food world? It's something my friend Jonny may change. In today's very special post, Jonny shares his recipe for Durian Cheesecake and offers us durian fanatics the chance to win his new recipe book, Raw Food Made Fun, Easy, and Beautiful.

Scroll to the bottom for a chance to enter the raffle.
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