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5 Places To Look For Durian All Year in Penang, Malaysia

It was 6:30pm in Georgetown, Penang, and we were hungry. You know the feeling. The sun was low, the drive home was long, and there was durian somewhere in the city. There always is durian all year in Penang. You just have to know where to start your hunt. Here are five options to get […]

Cooking Wild Durian, Buah Pakan, at the Saratok Market, Sarawak

The sun was still level with mist over the river when we wandered down to the Saratok Market. It was about 7 a.m, but while the town and me were still half-asleep, everyone at the market had apparently been drinking cham coffee-tea for hours. I was at a point with Sarawak’s morning markets where I’d […]