Durian Sibadak at Luwus Horticultural Research Center | Luwus, Bali

Rob and I first visited the Luwus Horticultural Research Station back in 2012, on our first trip to Bali. It was here that we first tasted a Thai style durian, a wonderfully yellow Kani (Thai Chanee) that still haunts me as one of the best durians I've ever had. It was definitely the best durian I'd had at that point in my life.  It had just fallen off the tree. It was luck. 

We didn't get lucky with Kani this time, but we did get to taste a durian from the station's oldest tree - Sibadak. 

Where To Go For Durian Abundance in Bali | Luwus, Bali

Luwus is unmistakable as you zip northwards on your normal tourism activities around Bali.

Suddenly you'll pass a durian stall and feel your adrenaline start pumping. But don't slam on the breaks - soon you'll see another durian stall, and another, and another, and another, and then you're in Luwus and there are durians freaking everywhere.

Rainbow Durian At Banyuwangi Fruit Festival | Banyuwangi, Java

Banyuwangi is drawing the attention of durian hunters with strange, striped and beautiful red-fleshed durians.

The Fruit Festival the last weekend of March drew durian hunters from all over Indonesia, as well as a durian fanatic from Hungary and us, all hoping to snag something truly beautiful and delicious.

3 Places To Find Durian All Year | Kuala Lumpur

Maybe you're passing through Kuala Lumpur on a business trip, have a lucky layover, or this is your only chance to travel in Southeast Asia. Whatever  - you're in Kuala Lumpur and so help you, durian is first and foremost on your mind.

This post is for you. These are the three places in Kuala Lumpur you are most likely to find durian any time of year. I'm warning you now: It will be expensive and you better not be picky. But it will be durian. And it will be good.  (Know some where else? Help everyone out by leaving a comment).

Announcing Our 2015 Group Tour

Sometimes, this blog doesn't share the experience enough. 

I try to take good photos. I try to write awesome descriptions of durians. But I know in my heart that it's a flat, 2-dimensional representation of a magical, overwhelming sensory experience.  So often Rob and I talk about you, our wonderful readers, as we munch our durians.  If only they could be here with us right here with us now, we sigh. 

This year you can.

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