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In Memory of Philippines Durian Farmer Severino Belviz

The Duyaya Durian is a heavy topic. When you open it, all conversation along the table stops as durian lovers take in its rich buttery folds, bright yellow, so corpulent it practically drips over the sides of the shell. Duyaya is one of the fleshiest durians in the world. It was discovered by Severino Belviz, […]

Where I Ate My First Durian: King’s Market in Eugene, Oregon

If I asked you to guess where I tasted my first durian, would you have guessed Oregon?  Probably not. So it was super fun to show Mr. and Mrs. Chang from Bao Sheng Durian Farm in Malaysia just where in Eugene durian entered my life. I’ve been a guest at Bao Sheng Durian Farm for five […]