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Recap of the 2016 Bao Sheng Durian Festival in Photos

Five days ago everybody went home from the Bao Sheng Durian Festival. I’m still here, and so is Grant and Olmo and Aviyah, but the farm is quiet. In the mornings I do yoga by myself. The blenders in the Smoothie Bar are still. It’s like  the day after Christmas. I’m happy, but not quite ready […]

The History of Durian in Thailand

This is a chapter from my 2016 updated book, The Durian Tourist’s Guide to Thailand.  Here’s a durian mystery: How did the Monthong variety become the most common durian in the world? It’s distinctly different tasting than the durians of Malaysia or Indonesia. Monthong is far fleshier, sweeter, milder, and has a high incidence of […]