Is Durian Heaty? What Science Says

Recently Rob and I were sitting at a durian stall, contentedly licking our fingers after a pretty epic durian meal.

We were feeling satiated and content, but the ladies who'd watched us eat were worried. They pursed their lips, shook their heads, and thrust durian shells full of water at us.

"They're worried about you eating so much durian," a man said. "Don't you feel hot?"

King of the King Pahang Durian Stall, SS2 | Kuala Lumpur

I recently spent two weeks in Kuala Lumpur, mostly at this durian stall.

Like, I'm not kidding. I went to this durian stall almost every night. I was just starting to work on a study comparing the beliefs and perspectives of durian lovers around the world,  and I thought hanging out at a durian stall would be a good opportunity to meet Malaysian durian lovers and talk to them about how they feel about durian.

And while I was there.. why not eat some durian too?

Photo Tour of A Brief History of Durian Exhibition | Singapore

This week, a unique exploration of durian in the history and culture of Singapore is on display at the National University of Singapore.

If you can't make it to the exhibit don't worry. I couldn't either, so Martina and Wanda were kind enough to give me a virtual tour to share with you. Scroll on to get your tour by video, or, if you have bandwidth cap like me, just enjoy the photos.

Wai Durian Stall in SS2 | Kuala Lumpur

This is Mr. Wai, the affable owner of a durian stall in Kuala Lumpur where I spent the first Friday night of 2015.

The stall is just one of a clump of three or more durian restaurants in the SS2 area, an area that has always managed to confuse me while at the same time being one of my favorite places to hang out in Asia.

10 Most Popular Posts of 2014

Most popular posts of 2014

Happy New Year!

I can't believe that we are closing our third year Year of Durians. Strangely, as I write these words I am sitting in the exact same room of the same hotel that Rob and I stayed in our first night in Malaysia, before this blog was born or we'd eaten our first Malaysian durian. It feels like a good sign.

In 2014, we posted 50 times from 6 different countries. Here's a list of the most popular posts of the year.

10 Most Delicious Durians of 2014

It's been another year of durians, guys. Time is passing so quickly I'm worried I'm going to wake up tomorrow and find myself 90 years old with high blood pressure (which means I couldn't pound durian. Oh no!)   Where'd the time go this year?

If my photos are any clue, we spent a lot of time scarfing durian. This post is 100% durian pornography. Hope you just ate some fantastic durians, cuz otherwise this post is going to somewhat tortuous.

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